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You made it, c'mon in!

This is my personal addition to the World Wide Whatever. I love VW Beetles, so they pretty much predominate over everything else in the site. You will encounter them time and time again, along with a goofy looking guy grinning; which of course, would be me.

I'm still learning, and therefore SLOW at this constructing business. Don't laugh, there are still some of us out there who still don't understand exactly how the web works. If you do choose to make fun of this page WE will know and WE will find you, even if I don't even know who "WE" is, but he did tell me that, honest.

I've also included some pictures of close friends, family, and even pets... There's some pics from when I last visited Europe, and some pics of a building I photographed the demolition of under the Brooklyn Bridge. Ok, so not all of those pictures are here, some of them are and that's enough for this emporium.

Navigation is possible wherever I have not been too lazy to add a list of links to the page, in which case you should use the back button on your browser or throw your monitor out the window, whichever you prefer. I can be berated or extolled at:

I've been busy, so check around and let me know what you think, k? You'llneed to use the list of links on THIS page to get around, all the pages are being updated. Don't like it, something not work, love waht you see, gotta better way to do this? Then LET ME KNOW! Leave a messsage in the guestbook or send some email.

Warp Console (yeah its a cheesy name, but this is MY website, right?)

The Vatican
I've been there, and it is the coolest bunch of paintings...
Beetle Cards
My collection of kool Beetle cards.
Cookie's Page!
This is where you can see my beetle, Cookie, a 68 standard tranny sedan....
Pictures of People that I Love...
A bunch of Puerto Ricans on the web,...uh-oh.
More Puerto Ricans ...
God, there's so many of them, we'll be overrun!
Atomic Air Studios
Finally I've scanned some old photos of my work. Check 'em out and I'll try to keep this current.
Around the world in 80 bugs
This is the growing collection of VW bug pics I have taken while traveling abroad and Stateside. Most were taken by me but there are a few I put up that were sent to me.
VW stuff around the world, expanding slowly like a newly formed galaxy....
More bugs from around the world
Still MORE bugs from around the world
More of my card collection


I love to travel, and now have a neat collection of pictures of me next to beetles all over europe. That's me with the bald head grinning with all my might in Greece right next to a native Bug.

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Air-Cooled VW Bug Ring

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